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Creative Works APAC: Singapore's 54th birthday special featuring Tiger, Shopee and the government

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Tiger Beer

: 'The Day Before'

Date: August 2019
Each year on 9 August, the nation gathers in the biggest celebration of what is deemed the most important day in Singapore’s history - National Day.
This year, Tiger disrupts conventional celebrations by paying homage to the day before, 8 August, to honour the journey of hard work and determination that brought us to our day of success.
From National Day to Graduation Day and Opening Day, everyone celebrates the actual day of our achievements. Yet, it’s actually the days and days before our success that really mattered. This much-awaited Big Day is amassed by long hours and late nights of sheer dedication and determination.
Drawing on this shared experience, Tiger released a tribute video today on 8 August that champions and celebrates every moment of that journey to bring home the message that “it is what we do today that we will celebrate tomorrow”.
Titled ‘The Day Before’, the short film draws a parallel between Singapore’s transformation and Singaporeans’ journey to success.
Released intentionally the day before National Day, Tiger looks to relive the struggle-to-success moments of homegrown talents from all walks of life and how it reflects our journey as one people and one nation.
Featuring Paul and Wayne Liew from Michelin-Plated Keng Eng Kee Seafood, founder of design retailer Naiise Dennis Tay, Hokkien opera singer Lee Ah Lek, pop-rock band TKB, and fashion designer Amos Ananda Yeo, the film focuses on their memories, experiences and occasions to celebrate the Singapore spirit. “Born and brewed in Singapore, it is in Tiger’s DNA to champion local talents and celebrate what it means to be Singaporeans.
By highlighting the momentous journey of each unique homegrown talent, we want to jolt Singaporeans into realising the significance of National Day by remembering the journey that brought us to our big day. Whether as a local brand or a nation, we are where we are today because we pushed against the limits to unlock possibilities and uncage potential.
It is this journey and the unwavering spirits of Singaporeans that got us here today and will drive us forward tomorrow,” said Faye Wee, Marketing Director of Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.
Conceptualised by The Lab and produced in collaboration with The Momentum, the video airs on TV, cinema, digital and social media channels on 8 August. In the lead-up to the release of the campaign film on 8 August, Tiger also shared short teaser cuts and images created by AKA Asia across Facebook and Instagram that cast a spotlight on each talent’s journey. 
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Singapore Association for Mental Health 

: 'LampPost '

Date: August 2019
Returning for the third consecutive year, DDB Group Singapore’s philanthropic The LampPost Project upcycles National Day lamppost banners and flags to raise funds for the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH). Working with a team of seamstresses, the flags’ original designs are preserved and repurposed into practical tote bags.
This year, DDB is adding a lightweight Slingapouch to the project’s commemorative range of hand sewn products. The one-of-a-kind tote bag transforms into a sling bag and folds into a small pouch. The LampPost Projects offers every Singaporean the opportunity to not only do their part in upcycling, but also give back to those in need.
Working with the SAMH, DDB mobilises teams to collect, sort, and clean thousands of recycled banners and flags each year. The agency works with seamstresses, which include senior citizens and SAMH residents, to design and create the bags before they are photographed, uploaded to the website, and dispatched to their new owners.
The profits are donated to the SAMH to help its residents rehabilitate and reintegrate into society. 
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Government of Singapore

: 'Project RED by Singapore government'

Date: August 2019
Viddsee has launched an anthology of short films by four acclaimed local filmmakers which explores how all of us, regardless of background and where we come from, have more in common than we think.
Named Project RED, after the colour of the Singaporean flag that signifies universal brotherhood and equality of man, the anthology challenges Singaporeans’ commitment to that statement through thoughtful present day conundrums.
Viddsee conceptualised the four films and worked with the filmmakers, who scripted and directed each episode. The series comprises ‘Singapore Flying’ (directed by K. Rajagopal), ‘The Dispute’ (Daniel Yam), ‘Merging Lanes’ (Kat Goh) and ‘Common Ground’ (M. Raihan Halim).
The films will be available to watch on Viddsee.com, as well as Viddsee’s YouTube and Facebook channels. Each episode tackles the issue of social integration through fictional and relatable scenarios.
In ‘Singapore Flying’ (directed by K. Rajagopal), two couples are forced to confront about how they feel about job security and each other while on a ride on the Singapore Flyer; ‘The Dispute’ (Daniel Yam) depicts how a fight between two schoolboys escalates to a heated squabble between their protective mothers from different countries; in ‘Merging Lanes’ (Kat Goh), two strangers from different background share more similarities than the paths they cross on a regular basis; and ‘Common Ground’ (M. Raihan Halim) sees a minor misunderstanding at a hawker centre escalating to a full-on argument that belies a person’s biases.
In addition to the four films, Viddsee also produced Beyond RED, a series of four behind-thescenes clips and interviews with the directors on their journey in filmmaking, and how the films relate to their personal views on social integration. Each episode will be launched every Monday, starting August 12, and will be available to watch on the same channels. Project RED will also be complemented with on-ground experential activities executed by Stand Up For Our Singapore to reinforce the anthology’s message.
One such activity is the ‘60 Second Cinema’, in which 60s film clips will be used as a starting point to engage with Singaporeans to talk about social integration. Together with other activities such as fun house mirrors, puzzles and interesting questions, they hope to unlock personal stories that make us stronger as a community. These on-ground events will take place within the first two weeks of August.
The series of short films and on-ground engagements by Viddsee and Stand Up For Our Singapore was created in collaboration with Gov.sg. Viewers can also catch the full films on Gov.sg’s YouTube channel.
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