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Ads We Like: Ibotta helps people ‘discover’ money in homage to 90s infomercials

Ibotta Get That Money 30sec TV Commercial

Ibotta is a free app that lets people earn real cash back every time they shop online or in store, and BBDO Atlanta decided to have some fun with that simple concept in a campaign that shows people ‘discovering’ money.

The agency developed a national ad campaign focused on breaking through the clutter of other rewards apps, such as Swagbucks and Drop. 

Unlike with some other loyalty apps, which hand out rewards points, Ibotta gives actual cash back. So BBDO Atlanta positioned Ibotta as the company that brings you ‘money’: a new, life-changing product. 

The 30-second ad looks like a typical infomercial, complete with cheesy 90s background music.

In it, people say that they were in a rut, that they needed more from life, that they were grouchy. Then the perfect solution came along – money.

The cast go on to explain that with money, they saw results. Money enabled them to buy things like “steak, jogging shoes, sandals, lamps, brake fluid, tater tots” and more. One man says he would “definitely recommend money to his friends.”

The ad then prompts people to “Get the app. Get that money.”

The campaign is running on TV and online.

Editing and directing of the spot was done in-house, while partnering with Atlanta-based Picture Perfect DP, Willie Giles and team.

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