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NHS to create new £150m advertising and marketing services framework

The National Health Service (NHS) is to create a new advertising and marketing services framework valued at £150m.

The resulting framework's remit will consist of recruitment advertising, public notices, student attraction, public space sponsorship and further marketing campaign activity.

It is expected to be split into lots and will begin on 1 July 2020, running for a period of three years until 30 June 2023 with the potential for an extension of a further 12 months.

The successful applicants will be confirmed on an estimated date of 18 February 2020.

Outside of the tender notice, further details on the framework strategy had not been made available at the time of writing.

Elsewhere, the County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust has appointed Robson Brown in Newcastle to handle media, creative and advertising to work with Fresh Smoke Free North East and Balance The North East Alcohol Office.

The remit of the organization, based in the north east of England, is to reduce the harm caused by tobacco and alcohol among the local population. It aims to create mass media campaigns to drive awareness of the health problems both substances cause using the best national and international evidence.

The contract, valued by the tender notice as £310,000, is for a period of 36 months with the option to to impose two extensions of 12 months.

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