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Paid ad views removed from YouTube Music Charts rankings for 'credibility and consistency'

YouTube is removing paid ad views from its Music Chart in order to grant a fairer reflection of artist popularity, rather than their marketing budgets.

Record execs could previously game the system by driving up views with a paid advertising push on the platform, but now success will be measured using only organic views. Advertisers can still push singles using the ad product but these views will not contribute to the final ranking.

On the company blog, it said it was making the changes to “maintain credibility and consistency” on the platform.

It said its move brings it in line closer with the policies of official charting companies such as Billboard and Nielsen.

“Over the last few years, fans, artists, and their teams have touted the number of views a video receives on YouTube within the first 24 hours as the definitive representation of its instant cultural impact.

"Video advertising is an effective way to reach specific audiences with a song debut, but paid advertising views on YouTube will no longer be considered when looking at a 24-hour record debut."

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