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Chinese movie star sues hospital for using his image in prostate surgery ad

Chinese martial artist and actor Wu Jing has won a lawsuit against a hospital in China after it featured him in an ad about prostate surgery without his endorsement.

The Jundu 339 Hospital in Kunming, Yunnan province had produced a brochure featuring Wu called Yunnan Men and distributed around Kunming Railway Station in July 2018.

Wu was chosen because of his starring role in the war action movie Wolf Warrior and its sequel, Wolf Warrior 2.

The copy in the brochure said: “It only takes seven days to restore your prostate back to the status of young age and let you be the fiercest wolf warrior in bed.” 

An unhappy Wu decided to sue the hospital because he felt the ad would mislead readers into thinking that he had suffered an illness, or that he had a connection to the hospital.

He also felt anyone who read the brochure would think it reflected badly on him, according to the Beijing Evening News.

A court in Beijing has ruled that the Jundu 339 Hospital must pay RMB $100,000 (US $14,105) for Wu’s economic losses and RMB $20,000 (US $2,821) for emotional distress for infringing the star’s image and reputation rights.

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