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Vodafone highlights 5G roll out in New Zealand with emotional film

Huxley – Life to the power of 5G

Vodafone is highlighting the benefits of 5G network in New Zealand in an emotional film.

The campaign titled Huxley, developed by DDB New Zealand, follows Vodafone's movining to the 5G network by December in New Zealand. The film aims to enlighten Kiwis about the 5G technology with an emotional narrative where it shows the bond love between a bereaved widower and his dog.

The widower's dog is sick and he takes him to the veterinary where the dog is injected and one thinks he's no more while another video with a man engaged on his phone is being shown in parallel. It is later revealed that the man is the surgeon and is operating on the dog remotely and the operation is successful with the dog coming to life again with stitches.

According to Damon Stapleton, DDB regional chief creative officer Australia and New Zealand, the interesting thing about the campaign was the task of getting people emotionally invested in what could be seen as just a technological upgrade. 

He added: “This was a big task. We had to make people feel something for an intangible gift. We consciously decided not to go too crazy futuristic – we wanted this grounded in human truth. That’s part of the reason for the 120’ spot. We needed to spend the time to connect the dots between 5G and a better life.” 

Nileema Allerston, Vodafone New Zealand’s masterbrand manager, said: “We are beyond excited to bring a world-class 5G network to New Zealanders. We’ve been so inspired by the 5G transformations in our other markets  - including the first remote surgeries. After seeing this first release of the Huxley campaign, I think people will begin to realise how 5G can genuinely change how we connect.”

The debut Huxley TVC will roll out in 120”, 60”, 30” and 15” formats.

Vodafone recently moved £400m global media business from Wavemaker into Carat.

: 'Huxley - Life to the power of 5G'

Date: September 2019
On 1 August, Vodafone New Zealand announced it would be switching on its 5G network in December. To mark the occasion, they teamed up with DDB New Zealand to create Huxley, a powerful film demonstrating the incredible everyday possibilities this transformative technology will help New Zealanders to realise.
The debut film features two minutes of emotive storytelling, giving the audience a glimpse into two very different worlds. It tells the tale of a bereaved widower and the love for his dog Huxley, juxtaposed against the life of a Japanese vetenary surgeon in Toyko. The two lives play out in parallel on opposite sides of the world, eventually coming together through remote surgery – enabled by the power of 5G.
In launching 5G, the challenge Vodafone New Zealand and DDB New Zealand faced is that many people don’t fully understand what 5G is, let alone what it will enable. The Huxley campaign is designed to show Kiwis how this leap in network technology will change the world as we know it. With infinite new opportunities due to higher speeds and lower latency, Huxley grounds the multitude of possibilities presented by this new tool in a simple emotive story and makes it relatable to Kiwis.
Client credits:
Nileema Allerston, Manager Masterbrand
James Mason, Brand Lead, Masterbrand
Louise Kuegler, Brand, Advertising & Customer Insights COE Lead
Carolyn Luey, Consumer Director
 Chief Creative Officer: Damon Stapleton
Gary Steele, Executive Creative Director
Creative Director: Matt Williams
Creative Director: Freddie Coltart
Lead Business Partner: Karla Fisher
Business Partner: Natalie Pierpoint
Senior Business Director: Jaheb Barnett
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Planning Director: Thinza Mon
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Agency Producer: Charlotte Glennon
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Executive Producer: Ben Dailey
Executive Producer: Kate Roydhouse
Producer: Andy Mauger
Director: Mark Albiston
DOP: Ziga Zupancic
DOP: Marty Williams
Editor: Luke Haigh
Soundtrack/composer/Music: Cam Ballantyne
Stills Photography: Steve Boniface
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