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Bank of New Zealand showcases the various emotions in the house buying journey

The Kids’ Room

Bank of New Zealand is highlighting the feelings of both excitement and apprehensions that comes with buying and shifting to a new house.

The campaign titled 'The Kids' Room' created by Colenso BBDO with an underlying banking theme of buying a new house features the story of how siblings Jasper and Willa go through different emotions after living in one room and then moving into their own rooms in a different house.

The brother then realises his sister is afraid to sleep alone, so he decides to sleep on the floor of his sister's room.

The Kids' Room is the continuation of 'What Ella Wants' campaign and the music track for the campaign is given by artist Johnny Richardson.

The campaign will run across TV, online, in cinemas and will feature in branches and on outdoor nationally.

Briar Rowe, head of brand at BNZ, said: “Banking can be seen as very rational, but we know it’s interwoven into many of our biggest life moments. This story taps into the emotions that these moments have, through the eyes of Jasper and Willa.”

Colenso BBDO executive creative director Steve Cochran said: “Building on the spirit of our ‘What Ella Wants’ spot, made earlier this year, has been a lot of fun. Zia did an amazing job bringing this story to life with two young stars, Ben and Zita. Zita, just five years old was intent on staying true to her onscreen character, Willa, throughout the two-day shoot.

“It wasn’t our initial intention to use another song from the same singer. But in our search for possibilities, this one just seemed like a great fit. And I guess, as a bonus, helps make this spot even more of a true ‘sister’ to the Ella ad.”

: 'The Kids' Room'

Date: October 2019
Bank of New Zealand has followed up its ‘What Ella Wants’ campaign launching another little story with a big life theme. Created by Colenso BBDO, ‘Kids’ Room’ is the simple story about two siblings, Jasper and Willa, who share a bedroom.
While the story has an underlying banking theme of purchasing a new home, the campaign is a story about how these kinds of moments in our lives mark new chapters and new beginnings, and therefore, come with a mix of excitement and promise – but sometimes some apprehension and trepidation.
Client: Bank of New Zealand
Chief Marketing Officer: Jodene Murphy
Head of Brand: Briar Rowe
Brand Manager: Bec Reynolds
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Production Partner: FINCH
Media Agency: Mediacom
Sound: Franklin Road
Photography: Alistair Guthrie
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