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Merlin Entertainment enlists Isobar Nordics for customer loyalty brief

Merlin Entertainment has embarked on a bid to foster customer loyalty by enlisting experience agency Isobar Nordics to spearhead its digital transformation efforts. 

Isobar will be tasked with creating a single web and marketing automation platform for the attractions business. The streamlined solution will unify 140 separate websites to ensure that each of Merlin's businesses has its own distinct platform yet a shared tone of voice.

To achieve this, the Alton Towers owner has balanced the competing desire of each attraction to maintain its own distinct identity while sharing an underlying infrastructure.

Martin Bochineck, chief exec of Isobar Nordics, said: “If you’re a loyal customer with one part of a company, of course, you’ll expect to be recognised as such when visiting another country or another brand within that company, yet so many global companies fail at this.

"In our view, Merlin represents a dream client precisely because they understand the need to think in a holistic way about customer journeys – and the need to invest in a technology platform built to support this way of thinking.”

Merlin will launch its first website on the new platform at the end of November, just two months after the appointment of Matthew Williams as global brand director for Midway Attractions.

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