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Get braver with a newly-launched tool from Media Bounty

Social media agency Media Bounty has launched a tool that helps brands stay meaningful to their customers and stand out from the crowd. 

The tool uses social listening platform Pulsar, which collects insights and tracks real time conversations, as well as mapping it against six indicators of bravery - disruption, insight, brand impact, social impact, consumer impact and media. The result benchmarks the brand against its competitors as well as identifying which areas are best to focus on for deliver maximum impact and ensuring that the brand stays relevant.

To launch the tool, Media Bounty also released the below Find Your Brave campaign, which aims to call out brand blandness and help organisations create true audience engagement in social media and beyond.


Jake Dubbins, Media Bounty co-founder said: "Greta Thunberg and Colin Kaepernick; they're two very brave people who stand for something bigger than themselves and have inspired people across the world through social.

"It's these sort of people - who take a stand - that inspired us to create the Find Your Brave tool for brands. There are far too many brands out there playing safe, afraid to upset anyone and complicit with the status quo. Our work with The Marketing Society’s Brave Brand of the Year, Bodyform, as well as The Meatless Farm and Greenpeace, has shown that, if you are brave, you can grow your brand and impact society.

"Bravery is not be for everyone; but it's for brands that want to know how they rank against their competitors in order to take some brave first steps. For all those wanting to be braver, this tool is for you. We believe you need to be #BraveOrDie."

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