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Creative Works of the Week: Progressive and New York Lottery Christmas

For the next few weeks, The Drum will be doubling up on Creative Work of the Week, giving campaigns from our regular Creative Works roundup and from our Christmas and holiday roundup dual billing.

On the holiday front, the New York Lottery activated a group of woodland creatures to help return a lottery ticket to a park ranger.

In the spot by McCann NY, a ranger drives by and gives another ranger a Christmas gift of a lottery Scratch-Off ticket. As she drives off, the ticket flies out of her bag and into the forest. Luckily for her, there’s a bit of magic in the air. A rabbit rescues the ticket and works together with a few other furry friends and together, they make their way through a snowy winter landscape to ensure the ticket ends up right where it belongs.

: 'Special Delivery'

Date: November 2019
The holidays are a special time for the New York Lottery. It’s the time of year when there’s something special in the air — when anything seems possible, including winning.
To announce this year’s seasonal Scratch-Off Games, the New York Lottery and McCann New York enlisted a group of woodland animals to deliver a little holiday magic to an enchanting wildlife reserve in a film titled, 'Special Delivery.' The story begins as a beloved park ranger loses her Scratch-Off on her way home for the holidays. But luckily for her, there’s a bit of magic in the air. A rabbit rescues the ticket and works together with a few other furry friends. Together, they make their way through a snowy winter landscape to ensure the ticket ends up right where it belongs. 
Eric Silver, North American Chief Creative Officer
Sean Bryan & Tom Murphy, McCann New York Chief Creative Officers
Mat Bisher, Executive Creative Director
Jason Ashlock & Dominick Baccollo, Group Creative Directors
Colby Spear, Senior Writer
Pedro Sampaio, Senior Art Director
Nathy Aviram, Chief Production Officer
Tamara Lecker, Senior Producer
Eric Johnson, SVP Executive Music Producer
Dan Gross, Integrated Music Producer
Scot Beck, EVP Executive Account Director
Caroline Fuller, VP, Account Director
Molly Vossler, Account Director
Ellery Gitkin, Account Executive
Laura Frank, SVP Group Strategy Director
Creative | Production | Editorial | VFX: The Mill
Director: Ben Smith
Executive Producer: Zu Al-Kadiri
Producer: Hillary Thomas
Production Supervisor: Georgina Castle
Production Coordinator: Emily Stave, Esther Montgomery
Editor: Ryan McKenna
Production Support: Goutham H, Utkarsha Shinde
Shoot Supervisor: Ed Boldero, Alek Vacura
2nd Unit Director: Alex Clark
2D Lead Artist: Tim Crabtree
3D Lead Artist: Ed Boldero
Animation Lead: Katie Yancey
2D Artist: Roxy Zuckerman, Daniel Thuresson, Dag Ivarsoy, Abby Riegel, Rakesh Venugopalan, Evan Langley, Renjith Raveendran, Prajeesh Chaliyam, Basabendu Sarkar, Sandeep Kumar Singh, Yogesh Sarwa, Jiten Harkhani, Vinod Gopinathan
3D Artist: Matthew Choy, Jeremy Ramirez, Sophie Quagebeur, Daniel Stern, Danny Garcia, Ryan Federman, Elizabeth Hammer, Lalida Karnjanasirirat, Victor Duncan
Matte Painting: Rasha Shalaby, Gillian George, Bill Lu, Andy Wheater
Animation: Jacob Bergman, Justin Tirado, Randy Link, John Fielding, Gustavo Gonzalez, Melik Malkasian, Matt Connolly
Design: Alex Clark
Motion Graphics: Joakim Ekstrom
Art Department: Kevin Diaz, Valerie Chernysh
Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Matt Osborne
Group Colour Director: Dee Allen
Associate Colour Producer: Blake Rice
Production Coordinator, Colour: Jessica Amburgey
Colour Assist: Brandon Phillis
Tags: United States, Christmas

Animated critters also featured prominently in the second work of the week in Progressive’s cheeky insurance ads from Arnold Worldwide.

In a Snow White-style fantasy, a woman prances through her flower shop, watering smiling animated flowers as birds flitter about her head. A mop says he will clean up the place before opening while a water spot says gleefully that it will put someone on crutches.

A second spot finds a diner with animated creatures celebrating the fun that goes on with the staff and customers – until a cheery grease fire brings everyone back to reality.

The two spots highlight Progressive’s small business insurance.

: 'Good Morning and Lunchtime'

Date: November 2019
Arnold Worldwide designed the two spots to recognize the challenges that small business owners face and how Progressive is there to protect you through these realities and get your business back on track.
This insight comes to life in two spots: 'Good Morning!' featuring a flower shop and an employee injury and 'Lunchtime' featuring a small diner and grease fire. Both play with an animated fairytale-like intro that is interrupted with an abrupt slap into reality when an employee slips in a flower shop and a grease fire occurs in a diner.
‘Good Morning!’ depicts a jubilant flower shop owner, happily watering flowers and twirling-throughout her small business. All seems perfect, until the fairytale-like story turns reality, as an employee is rolled out on a stretcher from slipping on a puddle.
‘Lunchtime!’ shows a booming, classic diner inhabited by satisfied customers ` dancing animated characters. Like ‘Good Morning!’, this story quickly turns to reality, as a grease breaks out in the kitchen, leading to an evacuation of the restaurant.
Two of the most common commercial claims are represented – slip and falls, and fires.
Client: Progressive
Val Bettini, EVP Managing Director
Agency: Arnold Worldwide
CCO: Icaro Doria
EVP/ECD: Sean McBride
SVP/CD: Nate Donabed
SVP/CD: Josh Kahn
Sr. AD: Wes Dorsainvil
Copywriter: Becky Brinkerhoff
Sr. Producer: Nicole Hollis-Vitale
Asst. Producer: Danielle Balanov
Head of Production: Zamile Vilakazi
Head of Business Affairs: Danielle Ivicic
EVP Managing Director: Val Bettini
SVP/Marketing Director: Gail Felcher
Marketing Manager: Crissy Cavallaro
Sr. Project Manager: Christina Troy
Production Company: O-Positive
Director: David Shane
Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella
Line Producer: Jason Reda
Director of Photography: Gyula Pados
Editorial Company: Rock, Paper, Scissors
Editor: Carlos Arias
Asst. Editor: Ashley Tantillo
Executive Producer: Eve Kornblum
Producer: Julianne Cort
Animation Studio: Passion Pictures
Animation Director/Creative Director: Andy Martin
Executive Producers: Belle Palmer / Debbie Crosscup
Head of Production: Mike Turoff
Producer: Yvette Farmer
Visual Effects / Finishing:
VFX: Brickyard Filmworks – Boston
Lead VFX: Gina Downing
VFX Artists: Dave Waller / Jimi Simmons / Paul Connor
Head of Production: Ellen Schmitt
Asst. Producer: Brenna Williams
Color Correction
Company 3 - NY
Colorist: Tim Masick
Soundtrack Boston
Sound Design & Mix: Mike Secher
Tags: United States

Both campaigns earned enough votes from The Drum’s readers to be named the Creative Works of the Week.

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