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KFC creates music album in Malaysia to promote its hot and cheezy burger

KFC has created a music album to promote the return of its hot and cheezy burger in Malaysia.

The campaign, created by Ensemble Worldwide and Universal McCann (UM), is called ‘WOW My Burger’s Now Hot & Cheezy Volume 1’ and introduces the revival of the hot and cheezy burger mascots.

The mascots help Malaysians who are unable to have the hot and cheezy burger to enjoy a “hotter” and “cheezier” experience by scanning competitors’ burger wrappers.

The campaign features a total of six songs with scenes inspired by the original songs. They will be called ‘Return the Mac’, ‘Kau Burgerku’, Uptown Cheese and more, depending on the burger they’re having.

“It is always a pleasure to work with agency partners who understand our brand and are able to excite our audiences in innovative new ways. For instance, ‘The Other Sanders’, the Golden Egg Crunch TV-sync campaign,” said Angelina Villanueva, the chief marketing officer of KFC.

“The recent ‘#MatAyamFree’ social hijack; all had relevant moments of culture and a cheeky spin infused into the work which have resonated well with our consumers. With ‘WOW My Burger’s Now Hot & Cheezy Volume 1.’, the team outdid themselves. It is as much cheeky as it is cheesy, befitting the return of our hot and cheezy burger. We hope everyone will enjoy it.”

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