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Bond stirs controversy by shaking up convention in alcohol-free Heineken ad

Fictional superspy James Bond has ditched dry Martini’s for alcohol-free beer in a new commercial for Heineken depicting present baton holder Daniel Craig.

The suave star of No Time to Die, the latest instalment of the franchise, is depicted sitting alone at a cocktail bar swigging a bottle of lager beer, foregoing his usual tipple on the grounds that he is ‘working’.

The out of character bar selection is depicted in ‘Heineken 00 presents Daniel Craig vs James Bond’ has fueled accusations of excess commercialization and shows a barman looking more shaken than the Martini he serves when Craig politely declines the proffered drink by pointing to a bucket of alcohol-free beer.

Commenting on how audience expectations were subverted Piers Bracher, a brand expert for Four Communications, told The Times: “It shows that Bond is still held hostage by commercial need. It needs the control that the supporting brands have. It shows the power of commercial parties that they’re allowed to tweak his character according to the product.

“Is the Bond franchise now saying that any commercial partner can mould Bond’s character in any way they like?”

Bond has had a long affinity for Heineken having previously raised eyebrows among Ian Fleming purists by being depicted clutching the signature green bottle during Skyfall in a product placement coup.

Source: The Times

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