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Creative Works featuring Nike, Ford and KFC

Welcome to The Drum's Creative Works, in partnership with Adobe Stock, dedicated to showing the best creative work from around the globe. 

Scroll through the latest work from brands like Ford, Nike, KFC and others below, then click through to the global Creative Works site and see what stands out. For project information, creative credits and more, click on the project to expand to full screen, and then click on the stars to vote for your favorite. 

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: 'EcoSport Surf Tag'

Date: February 2020
São Paulo is the city without beaches with more surfers. There are 150,000 surfers who need to hit the road when they want to get in the water. They have to check the wheather, leave at dawn, pay an expensive toll fee and run back to work.
With that in mind, Ford launched EcoSport Surf Tag, automatically paying the toll fee of Ford’s SUV owners in days of good surfing conditions, always before business hours.
The car maker sent special toll tags to Ford EcoSport owners across the city and, using Waves Website technology, sent a detailed forecast of the waves, warning which days the toll fee would be free.
Agency: GTB Brazil 
Executive Creative Director: Vico Benevides
Creative Director: Rodrigo Strozenberg, Denis Peralta
Art Director: Leandro Bechara, Thiago Nascimento
Copywriter: André Savastano, Cauique Johnson
Producer: Marina Fridman, Yasmim Mattos
Social Media: Daniela Lima, Eliza Bianchezi
Media: Carolina Candil, Marcelo Marujo, Rafael Amorim
CRM: Fernanda Fofonca
BI: Carlos Serbino
Planner: Mariana Coelho
Account: Rafael Francheschini, Victor Caldeira
CRM Account: Lygia Carvalho, Caio Garletti
Project Manager: Patrícia Silvestre, Priscilla Ibrahim, Vanessa Jucá
Tags: Brazil

: 'Pizza and Plastics'

Date: February 2020
The latest TV ad from Co-op launches, highlights how it’s taken a slice out of landfill waste as the first retailer to introduce recyclable pizza packaging.
Launching during the break of Coronation Street this TV ad, entitled Pizza and Plastics, created by Lucky Generals, tells the story of how Co-op replaced polystyrene pizza discs with corrugated cardboard across all of its own brand pizzas, preventing 200 tonnes of waste. The market-leading corrugated cardboard pizza discs were first launched on the market by Co-op, manufactured by Stateside, with other retailers since following suit.
The Co-op has always been at the forefront of removing hidden plastic and unnecessary packaging and this is one of the many moves the retailer has made. This is in addition to its more recent announcement that it would use only 100% recyclable packaging by the summer of 2020 which will include everything from ready meal trays, crisps packets, to sandwich cartons and film that is found to cover pizzas.
Brand: Co-op
Creative agency: Lucky Generals
Media agency: Dentsu Aegis Network
Director: Max Fisher
Production Company Producer: Francis Mildmay-White
Production Company: Knucklehead
Editor: Kevin Palmer
Post-production: The Mill
Grade: James Bamford / The Mill
Sound: Sam Robson / 750 MPH
Tags: UK

: 'Music Everywhere'

Date: February 2020
Tennessee has something to sing about in its newest tourism spots launched this week by the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development (TDTD). The state unveiled four new ads that will rotate in broadcast and digital markets nationally, emphasizing Tennessee’s matchless scenic beauty, family experiences and unparalleled music. An extension of the 'Soundtrack of America. Made in Tennessee.' campaign, the department and its ad agency of record, VMLY&R, created the new ads, which underscore the state’s connection to music everywhere.
Voiced by accomplished Tennessee singer-songwriters Rivers Rutherford and Jessi Alexander, the new creative captures the diverse sounds of Tennessee from its vibrant cities to the great outdoors and hidden gems for a soundtrack that can only be made in Tennessee.
In a new outdoor spot, 'Music Everywhere' — filmed at locations including the Smoky Mountains, Reelfoot Lake, Tullahoma, Lake Watauga and South Holston Lake — the characteristic sounds of nature transform to emphasize music is everywhere, although the instruments may vary.
Tennessee Department of Tourist Development
Tags: United States

: 'Descendants of Gods'

Date: February 2020
For Black History Month, Eleven wanted to reflect on African American history from a different scope, feeling the urge to address this constant and nagging disconnect between black people in America and their ancestral home in Africa. 
By recreating African American heroes in purely African terms, Eleven were able to connect the dots and tell a truly authentic origin story. It registered the campaign in present day by asking folks to use the Instagram filter to find which African god lives within them. 
CCO: Mike Mckay
CD: Matthew Wakeman
gods ILL: Martin Okonkwo
AD: Adriana Del Mar
AD: Bayo Owosina
CW: dotun bello
Mask ILL: Matthew Oladele
Tags: United States

: 'Spinning in the Rain'

Date: February 2020
If it were up to Skol, sunshine would be guaranteed for Carnival 2020 in São Paulo.
In the 'Giro na Chuva' (Spin in the Rain) campaign, Skol wants to help ensure that the festivities aren’t dampened by bad weather so that Carnival-goers can enjoy the event to the fullest.
Skol has employed the help of technology that uses an innovative and environmentally ethical method to induce rainfall in the Cantareira Water System. This is the first time that this technology will be used in an ad campaign. The rain will fall into the Cantareira reservoir before it hits the festivities. This way, the rain still falls, continuing the natural cycle of water but ensuring sunshine for Carnival!
The rain action will take place from 21-26 February in São Paulo. During the days of Carnival, the brand will produce content on its social networks to track the weather in real time for Carnival-goers in São Paulo. 
Agency: GUT São Paulo
Published by: Ambev
Title: Spinning in the Rain
Territory: Brazil
ECD: Bruno Brux
Creatives: Julia Mota and Laís Lira, 
Rainor Marinho and Murilo Santos
Managing Director: Valéria Barone
Account Director: Alessandra Visintainer
Account Manager: Joe Richardson 
Account Executive: João Laureano
Head of Planning: Fernando Ribeiro
Planning Director: Quentin Mahé
Head of Media & Data: Guilherme Cavalcante
Media Manager: Nathália Oliveira 
Media Supervisor: Daniel Miscolcz
Media Coordinator: Janaina Ramos
Community Manager: Vitória Kanaan
Head of Production: Mariane Goebel
Producer: Fernando De Nadai
Creation: Gabriel Klein and Gessica Justino
Project Manager: Thiago Chinaglia
Creative: Matheus Potumati
Content: André Maleronka
Executive Production: Bruno Oliveira
Production Coordinator: Juliana Boscardin and Mazo Munhoz
Audio producer: Lamirè
Executive Producer: Vice
Post-Production: 203 Post
Hostess: Preta Araújo
Video Director: Camilla Loyolla
Production Director: Mazo Munhoz
Developer: Andressa Minucci
Director of Photography: João Kehl
Video Director: Igor Selingarde
Service: Thais Escobar
Tags: Brazil

: 'Broccoli vs Opera'

Date: February 2020
The Swedish opera house Folkoperan got over a thousand children to self-willingly choose opera last week. How? By letting them choose between opera and the one thing children dislike even more – broccoli.
Opera is not only a declining art form, but also a more or less non-existing choice for a younger generation. Therefore, Folkoperan faced a rather big challenge when setting up Neil Gaiman’s Coraline as a family opera.
Kids are not stupid. Giving out candy or making funny commercials wouldn’t get the organization anywhere.
Instead of flyers the venue gave away stalks of broccoli to parents all over Stockholm, documented an experiment with 30 kids, and even guerilla marketed with real broccoli inside subways. 
The campaign was created by McCann Stockholm.
McCann Stockholm
Tags: Sweden

: 'Undaily Bread'

Date: February 2020
This photographic collection from Publicis Colombia portrays the story of four Venezuelan refugee families that left everything behind to be able to cross the border on foot, seeking for protection and a better future for their kids in Colombia.
The four pictures were shot and co-worked with American photographer Gregg Segal as a counterpart of his personal project ‘Daily Bread’, where he portrayed what kids around the world ate on their daily diet.
Each picture is meant to bring awareness about the crisis Venezuelan immigrants face when they leave their country, portraying each model around the things they carried from home, in addition to the diet they ate during their seven-day journey on the road.
Tags: Venezuela

: 'Footeuses'

Date: February 2020
Following the popular documentaries Concrete Football and Ousmane, Yard and Miles present 'Footeuses' - a documentary dedicated to women's football and its protagonists.
A part of the Concrete Football series, Footeuses dives into the players’ reality: whether they are playing for the French federation or for Paris Saint-Germain, whether they are young amateurs or socially-engaged artists.
For some, gaining access to the professional soccer world is an explicit goals, but for others, soccer is lived as a means of affirming themselves.
For every one of them, football is an inevitable part of their lives: the lives of women from the greater Paris. In this, Footeuses not only offers a glimpse in their way of playing football but is an ode to their fierceness and dedication.
Tags: France
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: 'Sundays at the Triple Nickel'

Date: February 2020
Crown Royal is shining a light on Marjorie Eliot, a Harlem, NY legend who has been hosting jazz concerts in her living room every Sunday as a tribute to her late son Phillip and his shared love for music.
A 12-minute documentary film, Sundays at the Triple Nickel, made with Stept Studios and directed by Jess Colquhoun, is part of Crown Royal’s push to inspire generosity, and the film is a beautiful example of that. It shows how Eliot, after the tragic loss of her son in 1992, arranged a memorial concert, which turned into a weekly apartment concert every Sunday, without fail, for over 25 years and is still going strong.
The film, slightly surreal and grainy, also shows the strength of Eliot to persevere through her losses and continue making music in the Sugar Hill neighborhood in Harlem, in the Triple Nickel building that used to house some jazz legends.
The film will be promoted through Crown Royal’s social channels and will have a screening in Harlem to celebrate its release. The brand is taking a year-round grassroots approach to spreading the word about this film, which will include film festival submissions and a series of assets to complement the film that are more brand focused.
Crown Royal (Diageo)
Stept Studios
Director: Jess Colquhoun
Tags: United States

: 'Mamba Forever'

Date: February 2020
To many people, Kobe Bryant was more than just a basketball player. He was a father, an icon, a friend, a community member and a legend. He transcended the sport, and his passing left those who knew him, and were influenced by him, devastated.
Nike paid tribute to the former athlete with a simple-yet-touching video. The two minute film, ‘Mamba Forever’ – a reference to Bryant’s professional nickname and his attitude on the court – sees a just black screen with white type at the right side. The text changes as we hear audio of Bryant’s life and career. The word ‘Forever’ stays throughout, while the words in front of that change with the audio. It covers his high school years in Philadelphia, his two decades in the NBA, where he won championships, MVP titles and scoring records, and his role as a father and husband. Finally, just the word ‘Forever’ is seen as a Laker-yellow ‘Mamba’ in front comes into view.
On its website, Nike stated: “’Mamba Forever’ pays tribute to beloved member of the Nike family, Kobe Bryant. One of the greatest athletes of his generation, Bryant had an immeasurable impact on the world of sport and the community of basketball.”
Tags: United States

: 'Period Pal'

Date: February 2020
Ruby Love, a femtech period apparel company, is taking a more lighthearted approach to a sometimes awkward problem for girls and women – the shame and anxiety of getting their periods in public situations.
Ruby Love worked with Jamestown by Harmon Brothers – of Poo-pourri and Squatty Potty fame – to make a longform digital ad introducing ‘Period Pal’, a personification of an actual period that explains what it’s like to be menstrual flow, and how products from Ruby Love can save someone from embarrassment.
The video begins with a mother reminiscing with her teen daughter about her early period memories, stating that they can be “rough”. Then ‘Period Pal’ pops in – a woman wearing all red, who talks about how rough it can really be. She brings back experiences for mom like an embarrassing leak at school caused by a sneeze, plus camps and slumber parties. Each time, ‘Period Pal’ emerges in a flash of red and a loud announcement.
As the woman talks to her daughter about her first period, ‘Period Pal’ recommends that her daughter try Ruby Love, a range of personal care products that includes underwear, activewear, swimwear and loungewear all featuring the brand’s gusset which offers maximum absorption and protection against leaks and stains.
Jamestown Films by Harmon Brothers
Ruby Love
Tags: United States
Period Pal
Period Pal retro
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: 'Web companions'

Date: February 2020
When looking for a new pet, people spend more time searching online than in shelters. The Austin Humane Society wanted a meaningful way to connect their dogs with potential owners over the web, so R/GA came up with a solution of using retargeting ads for good. The ads would follow people to show how loyal shelter dogs are.
The agency simply added a tracking pixel to their dogs’ profile pages and used the data for retargeting ads. So if people showed interest in them, they kept coming back to the people to prove their loyalty.
Client: Austin Humane Society
Agency: R/GA Austin & Chicago
SVP, Managing Director: Candice Hahn
Group Creative Director: Murray Wyse
Creative Director: TJ Walthall
Sr. Art Director: Jose Jorge Netto
Sr. Copywriter: Cameron Murray
Sr. Designer/ Photographer: Alejandro Larramendi
Associate Media Director: Maria Zavala
Senior Bid Manager: Agustina Marini
Bid Manager: Adam Reninger
Client Services/PR: Melanie Mahaffey
Executive Content Producer: Julie Benevides
Content Producer: Kelsey Lewis
Senior Video Editor: Jeff Dwyer
Freelance Creative: Marina Ramos, Tony Rhi
Tags: United States


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