Studied art and fashion design at Manchester then Westminster University. In the past 15 years Colin has been part of the buying team at Burberry, an Angel Investor, corporate film and TV producer, and for the last 6 years has run his own digital agency. An online social adoptee from 2005. He’s an exhibited artist.

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Abusing the power of Social Media

Maybe you know someone…

My business recently started working with an “Energy Drink” and as with any project it starts off with research. Now, suffice to say the existing market in the UK is disparate – the association is with Extreme Sports, Downhill Mountain Biking, Rally and Race Car Events as well as the European influence of Dance Festivals and sweaty Club nights – and this is all for the standard product.

But wait – the competition is too fierce so someone comes up with the (I think) rather clever idea of creating a “Bio-Energy” version filled with vitamins and Ginseng and all those good things a body needs in order to better function at peak use. Not only that, they provide a shot version because clearly the normal can, would be too gassy before a big event, so they produced the distilled version.

I actually love the idea that a caffeine fuelled drink is pumped full of vitamins and all natural ingredients; I can honestly say that having mixed with a ‘Meister’ type Bomb drink (and quite a few of them – purely for research purposes…) I felt mighty fine the next day – so clearly I’m hooked.

So where’s the rub?

I am fortunate that at DF HQ (my office) I have a database of Bloggers that have their own followers and write passionately about particular subjects that get them excited – so every now and again I pay them to write a piece for a clients blog, diverting their fans and followers for a brief moment to gain better exposure for my client. Tell me how many Extreme Sports Stars or well known Blogging Rally Drivers you know in the UK? Yup, not many, so we have to abuse those we know who are likely to come across or have some sort of contact with our market place.

So the tactic of abusing my database of writers is not working for me here – we’re resorting to the standard practice of invitations, offers and incentives – or maybe you know someone?

You want to know which one… ok then: Go Fast! Sports

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