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Billy leads Grayling’s PR offering in Scotland and is also a member of Grayling UK's team of specialist crisis and issues management consultants. He has devised and implemented many award-winning consumer and corporate PR campaigns and specialises in media strategy and strategic planning. Billy is also a ‘digital ambassador’ for Grayling and has responsibility for ensuring digital strategies are effectively executed in the agency’s network of offices. Follow Billy on Twitter: @billypartridge

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Swap you: my idea for your idea…

Every month our planning division distributes a collection of facts, insights and observations designed to fuel our thinking and inform our planning processes for our clients. It’s called the Grayling Monthly Insight.

Well today I was truly enlightened by one particular link – and apologies if I’m late to the party here.

Ever heard of theideaswap? It does exactly what it says on the tin – suggest an idea (about anything) and swap it with those others have left behind.

Here are the swaps I got today:
1. Go outside, find some grass, and smell it
2. Watch sports
3. Build a device that uses the power of deep ocean currents to supply energy to offshore drilling platforms
4. Breed small cows that provide a portable fresh source of milk
5. If you like someone, tell them
6. Ban people from covering John Lennon’s music
7. Do not use paper media
8. Bacon flavoured ice cream
9. Take five minutes and think about nothing in particular
10. Write something on a piece of paper, fold it, mark it “confidential”, and put it somewhere conspicuous.

The great thing about theideaswap is its complete uselessness – in being so daft and inane, it gets you thinking outside of your comfort zone, which is something we always strive to do at Grayling Scotland.

I’m thinking that next time we have a brainstorm, we’ll use theideaswap as a starting point if we hit a dead end – its unadulterated randomness might just spark a moment of genius…

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