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I’m thinking of a career change.
Specifically, I’m thinking of getting into IT.
Even more specifically, IT in an Ad Agency.
That way, if anyone has a problem with their computer I can take a look at it, tap a few keys, wiggle the mouse from side to side, then ask one or all of the following questions:

1. I don’t really do Macs.
2. Have you tried restarting it?
3. Is it on?
4. Is it plugged in / battery charged?
5. Have you downloaded anything?
6. Have you opened any spam emails?
7. What did you do?
8. We’ll have to get someone from Apple in.
9. It’ll have to go back to the shop.
10. Have you been sitting on it?

Okay, so 1, 8 and 9, aren’t questions, but hey, I’m in IT not fucking copywriting!

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