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Beepl, the incredibly simple social site for Q&A

Allow me to introduce you to Beepl. Less than 48 hours open to the public domain and already kicking up an absolute storm with coverage on CNN, Fast Company and TechCrunch all singing high praises.

Of course, TechCrunch would, as co-founder and start-up enthusiast Steve O'hear left his post as a TechCrunch blogger to peruse this venture. Just from following Steve on Twitter (@sohear) I've been refreshed by the CEO's invigorate passion towards his new project. Spend just 10 minutes engaging on Beepl and you will see why.

The obvious comparison to weigh Beepl up against is Quora and naturally the lazy bloggers are heading up their posts "Beepl VS Quora".

Quora opened it's doors in June 2010, the brain child of former Facebook employees Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever, and met a huge reception for what it was. Reaching half a million users in just 6 months and now estimated to be worth billions.

Beepl could well be a threat to Quora and has launched with one of the most user-friendly communities I've witnessed, and as a start-up fanatic that speaks volumes. The user interface that certainly won't alienate any innovators or early adopters which is where many underfunded and undereducated start-ups fall.

Connect Beepl with your Twitter, Facebook or Linked-In now and experience this new initiative first hand. While you're there post a question, it won't hurt!



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