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Wait, What?! The Titanic Isn't Just A Movie?!

It's an unusual thought that kids these days might not actually know everything… or so you might think. Perhaps any event verging on a century ago might be excusable, perhaps for the fact that Twitter and Facebook didn't exist at the time to "educate" them.

Well, this latest meme has uncovered a series of kids’ reactions where they have just discovered the Titanic's fateful demise was, in fact, real. These aren't telegrams from 1912, but tweets from 2012!

It's quite easy to reminisce how breaking news used to be disseminated -newspaper headlines, word of mouth, Ten O'Clock News – arguably now all rendered inferior mediums of how we receive information largely due to how technology has advanced.

There are chronological landmarks throughout our lifetimes where we can remember where and how we discovered major events. The death of Princess Diana, the war in Afghanistan, the toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue are all events I personally can connect with emotionally, down to the time and place I was when finding out. Meanwhile the Tsunami in Japan, death of Michael Jackson or the recent Arab uprisings were followed (literally) (on Twitter anyway) globally through social media, demonstrating the remarkable intimacy in which the world can stay up to date with such events. Celeb gossip, political polemics and not forgetting news headlines now act as permeating directly into our Twitter and Facebook timelines.

So the big question is- who's going to break the news to all these kids that the Holocaust, Pearl Harbor and 9/11 (too soon?) aren’t just Hollywood storylines?


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