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Brands' biggest issue is their changing relationship with consumers

Opinium is opening an NYC office to help its US clients, brands and agencies connect better with consumers.

The 2020s are set to be one of the most exciting and fast-paced decades yet, and we’re thrilled to be on the ground in New York for the start of it. Our US launch represents the continued expansion of our global capabilities.

As our client Jamie McCracken from Protein wrote in our 2019 Most Connected Brands Report: "The biggest opportunity and issue facing brands today is their changing relationship with consumers. In the past, the brand-consumer relationship was very much top-down, brands were completely in control as they defined and constructed aspirational worlds that their consumers bought into without too much thought. Now, we’re witnessing a shift in power as increasingly conscious and informed individuals move away from blind allegiances to brands and begin to explore what’s personally right for them. 

"We’re entering a consumer-first landscape where relationships with brands are symbiotic, not top-down, and based on a system of shared ideals, values and mutually beneficial interactions. Consumers’ expectations of brands have exponentially increased. This increase in expectations is being driven by three key consumer changes – a desire for action, a movement towards self-realization and a need for subjectivity." Read more here.

Opinium New York

Opinium has a strong history of unlocking powerful insights to help our clients connect better with consumers, stand out and make strategic business decisions. Our Madison Avenue NYC team is looking forward to supporting our existing US clients and those from around the world, as well as offering our services to new businesses and sectors.

As businesses increasingly recognise the critical value of their brand, their reputation and the way they communicate with all stakeholders, Opinium provides valuable insights and hard-hitting research to inform strategies, improve products, revitalise customer experience, craft compelling thought leadership and help brands gain share of voice in increasingly competitive markets. We’ve got a top team of experts in place in New York, and well over ten years’ experience executing global insights campaigns. We're excited to see what the next decade holds for us and our clients.

If you or your US and global colleagues would like to speak to our US team, just say

James Endersby, CEO of Opinium

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