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Ten steps for greater cohesion between the digital and real worlds during coronavirus

How many of us say “we’re problem solvers” in our agency credentials? Quite a few I reckon. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to see things differently, to challenge the status quo, to zig when others zag.

We also talk about having a social purpose, wanting to make a difference to society, making the world a better place. So let’s do this. Right. Fucking. Now. 

Let’s apply our superpowers to find ways to connect our communities and help those that are vulnerable in these challenging times.

For us at Media Bounty, we exist to use our skills to connect our digital and real worlds to create tangible change to better serve our partners, communities and the planet.

So here’s a starter for ten:

  • Can you connect your clients with each other to help get essential items into the hands of those that need it? How many clients do you have that have delivery capabilities? Put them together with those that do not.
  • Now is not the time to push out the campaign you have been planning. Listen to what people actually need now and in the next few weeks and work out if you can help meet that need. Do not shout your mouth off about your product or your purpose unless you are meeting an urgent need.
  • Uncommon collaboration is critical. Speak to your competitors. How can you join forces?
  • Community management in social is critical right now. People are scared, worried about the supply of essential products and services. Community Managers can provide calm, reassuring advice about supply chains, answer questions and link up the communications between the boards of key business and all of us humans doing our best to get through this crisis.
  • Social listening can give genuine insight into what is going on right now and where. Working with our partners, Pulsar, we have seen a huge increase in conversation across all platforms. Understanding trends can mean the difference between finding ways to genuinely help and acting tone deaf.
  • Advertising and communications has been and will be hit very hard by this crisis, but, now the Government has stepped in with a support package, keep your team. Do not make redundancies if at all possible. Make people redundant in normal times is awful but there are always other jobs. That is not the case now. Keep people in work as much as you possibly can.
  • People talk a lot about values in business. Whatever your values are, add Kindness and Love to them. Act with kindness. Act with love in everything you do. Be proud of how you acted in this crisis, not as an advertiser but as a human being.

Let’s connect and create and do so with a conscience.

Jake Dubbins, managing director at Media Bounty.

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