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17 Aug 2018 - 10:13 |

7 Techniques for Improving Your Customer Relationships With Your Startup Company

When your business is just beginning, customer relationships are vital because you must build a loyal customer base. The better you communicate with your customers, the more successful your private tutors business will be. That is why you need to do everything within your power to improve the interaction between you and all of the individuals that you serve.

So here are seven techniques for improving your customer relationships with your startup company:

1. Exceptional customer phone support with real people

Your customer phone support should be 24/7. If you need to outsource, then do it. There is no excuse for having a phone number that plays messages. In addition, do not have a menu with options; when the phone rings, a live operator should answer the call. If someone wants standard information about your business, they will look it up on your website. If they want details about their accounts, they can register at your website and look up this information.

When someone calls you, they want to speak to a live person. Do not give them lots of numbers to punch and lots of hoops to jump through; give them a living, breathing human being. Doing this will put you two steps ahead of many of your competitors who will probably only have live phone support during business hours.

2. Respond promptly to emails

Email response should be within an hour. Once again, if you need to outsource this task, you will find many freelancers who are willing to perform this vital service for a very reasonable price. Any wait longer than an hour is unacceptable. You have fought hard to gain the business of your valuable customers. Why throw it away because you are too cheap to hire someone to answer your emails immediately?

You can locate a good freelancer on or There are also many services  which offers a wide variety of packages depending on the level of detail that you want the individuals answering your emails to provide.

3. Keep an open line of communication

You should always allow for there to be an open line of communication between you and your customers. However, it is important to realize that many of your customers do not want to be bothered by getting continual emails from you. When a customer wants this communication, then supply it; otherwise, it is best to just leave them alone.

Many of your customers will buy your product, and that is all they want. Bothering these types of customers will do far more harm than good. That's why knowing your customers is so vital to succeeding with your small business.

In order to know your customers better, you should ask them what they want. It they want weekly or monthly email reports, they will tell you if you ask them. They will also tell you they are not interested in any further communication with your company. All you need to do is ask them right after you have made the sale. However, you can probably get away with one call after the deal in order to make sure everything is okay.

4. Offer discounts and rewards

When you have customers that return and give you a lot of repeat business, reward them. In fact, you need to shower them with tons of discounts and specials. Let them know that when they give you lots of business, you will generously return the favor and lower your prices.

The best way to offer your discounts is to follow this simple formula: the more they buy, the more money they save. For instance, if they buy 30 units a month, then give them a ten percent discount; however, if they buy 40 units the next month, then give them a 15 percent discount. By following this simple formula you are encouraging them to buy more and more products and services from you.

5. Contests and prizes

Contest are great, but you need to give away great prizes that are worth a lot. A contest is nothing but a waste of everyone's time if there is not a really great prize waiting at the end for the winner. So if you are going to use this marketing technique as part of your advertising campaign, make sure you allow enough room in your budget to offer a really nice prize. Don't give away small token gifts like vaporizer pens and coffee mugs, give away something nice and expensive like a flat screen television or a laptop.

Unless your business is completely online, you should hire a charismatic local who has many social contacts in your area to run your contests. Pay this person a set amount and let their charm and personality go to work for you. Members of your staff should probably not be tasked for this position unless they are also extremely charismatic and have lots of friends.

However, if your business is completely online, you can hire a freelancer, but you should only hire one who has experience running these types of events in cyberspace. Having one of your employees run an online only contest is also an option you may want to consider.

6. Post customer content on your social media accounts

Encourage your customers to send you their pictures that are relevant to your business and then (with their permission) post these pictures on your various social media accounts. You should then encourage them to get their friends to participate as well. This is a great way to generate content that really sells your product.

You should post the pictures on your main feeds of all of your social media accounts and reduce the size of the files if they are too large. You also may need to resize the image if something doesn’t look right. Use Photoshop to make these adjustments, because this tool allows you have complete control of the dimensions and the data compression. However, if Photoshop is too expensive for you, then go to and download this free tool that will also perform all of the basic tools you will need to adjust your customer’s images.

7. Listen

Finally, you need to listen. Whenever your customers say anything, pay close attention and look for ways to accommodate their needs. Chances are, they are probably voicing the opinions of many other people like themselves who also want the same types of things. There is no more important source of data for your small business than the words of customers talking about what they are hoping to get when they purchase your services or products.

If you don’t listen to your customers, your competitors will.


Therefore, it is always a good policy to pay attention to your customers and be sensitive to all of their needs. By doing this you will be better able to fulfill these wants and desires in a more effective fashion. In addition, you need to know when to communicate with certain individuals and when to leave other types of people alone.

By being sensitive as you establish more and more relationships, you will eventually build a loyal customer base that will allow you to succeed with all of your business endeavors. So take the time to fully understand what your customers have to say because you will rewarded when you do.