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How to increase user retention through mobile app onboarding? - Biz Platform

21 Aug 2018 - 15:10 |

How to increase user retention through mobile app onboarding?

Mobile app onboarding is the process of familiarizing users with an application’s functionality and features. It is considered a crucial step for the success of an app. Mentioned below are few of the most critical mobile application onboarding techniques, which ensures user retention.

Make Signing Up quick

It is recommended to keep the signing up or logging in the process to only one screen, preferably through a social media account. Make sure that the sign-up forms are short and that they stick with the essential information. Extensive user information forms can lower the user’s interest and retention towards the application from the get-go.

Make onboarding benefit-focused

To make your application stand out from the competition, you should show the most distinguished features of your application in the onboarding process. With users knowing the unique benefits they could draw from your application, they are more likely to engage with the app. One approach towards this is to lay out the highlights of the application even before the user registers so that the user knows what makes the application differ and how it will be of benefit to him/her.

Persona-based onboarding

Another way of providing exceptional value and experience to the users is to design the app and its features according to different categories of users. This helps in increasing user engagement, and the user’s requirements can be met in a better way, rather than creating a generalized format for all users. An example of this is Canvas, which provides customized templates based on the business’s needs.

User guidance and tutorials

It is a shame when users back off from an application, only because they did not know how to properly operate it, no matter how useful that app might have been. Therefore, it is essential to give a quick tutorial to the users during the onboarding process. Even though guidance is necessary, it is also essential to leave some room for exploration to the users to improve user engagement and application retention. So the tutorials should deal with the main functionalities, as being told about everything an app does reduce the user's interest as some users want to dive into the application and explore it on their own. Tutorials can be carried out through coach screens, walkthroughs, and progress bars etcetera.

Push notifications

Push notifications can considerably boost app engagement and statistics are here to prove this as user retention has shown an improvement of 56% to 180%. It serves the purpose of reminding the users about what they are missing out from.

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