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Simon Jackson, delivering negotiation skills.

Chapters, Chapters, Chapters


If you haven’t been to one of the Drum Network Chapter events yet- change this now. The Drum Network frequent every region in the UK on a quarterly basis (Scotland, the North, Midlands, Yorkshire, South, London) with invaluable networking opportunities and insights into the elusive ‘industry’. So far this year, the Drum Network have visited Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and London, with insights into client behaviour, agency surveys, client’s views on the pitching process, negotiation skills, and tricks of the trade in boosting your bottom line.

The next Chapter event will be held in Birmingham on Wednesday 22nd April at Pitch offices. Miles Welch, a recent Drum Network recruit, will be joining us to share ten tips to maximise your profits. Miles is the Drum Network’s new advisory partner, founder of Milestone Advisory and will be developing the new consultancy products that are on offer. A Drum Network regular, Chris Merrington, will be presenting his dynamic views on how to avoid bad client behaviour which has a detrimental effect on your agency’s overall morale. Chris has had about 20 years new business experience in agencies. He is also a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association, has a passion for speaking to change minds, behaviour and your bank balance!

If you would like to attend the next Chapter event register here: Clients Behaving Badly and How To boost Your Bottom Line or speak to Naomi Taylor on 01415596056.