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Andy Edwards, Relationomics

How To Build Relationships that Build Your Sales


The fantastic Andy Edwards, founder of Nine 5 Three, will be conducting his ‘Relationomics’ training for us at the end of the month on 27th April. Relationomics is defined as ‘growing your business through creating and maintaining the best possible relationships’. Something of the utmost importance in agency land. One of the most important factors in developing and generating new business is the relationship you have with your client. If there is no engagement, there will be no further sale.

Andy will be focusing on the psychology of what makes other ‘tick’. How much easier life would be if we could know the equations of Relationomics and catapult our business turnover by 46%? The combination of relationship skills and business growth strategies is the essence of this training session, which has been so successful in the past, we can’t get enough.

 “I found the day with Andy really useful and most importantly left with the beginnings of a system we could put in place to grow revenue by 46%. The real value came however, when we started holding regular joint meetings with the new business, account management, development and finance teams to work out how all the learnings from the course are to be implemented in the business.” (Jacob Reimann, Graph Communications)

To find out more: click here or contact Naomi Taylor at 01415596056