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Jennifer Potter talking about emotions in the workplace

CHAPTER EVENT: Agency Life and the Art of Mind Reading Your Clients


Last night we headed up to Edinburgh for another Chapter event looking into agency life and the art of mind reading your clients (crystal balls not obligatory). We were joined by Jim Law, founder of Wild Heather Research and Jennifer Potter, founder of SimplyJP.

Jim presented staggering research into the depressing fact that agencies all over the UK are charging less, less income is coming in from new clients and fee income % values are down (in both annual projects and project work.) Despite this, it is comforting that this drop is affecting all agencies across the UK and not specific industries. The agencies UK wide are in it together. 

On a lighter note, Jennifer was explaining the tricks and techniques which can help you mind read your clients. Life being all and all, a bit simpler and stress free. Imagine how easy it would be to deliver briefs and services if you could know what the other party was thinking. Jennifer talked through psychometric testing, as well as empowering techniques to approach other personalities. We all left satisfied that we could read the emotions of our counterparts and effectively deliver in cases where we would normally be questioning our client's thought processes.