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How To Develop New Business & Protect Your Agency w/ Creative Kitchen & Invest Liverpool


Last week we hosted our Liverpool chapter meeting along with Creative Kitchen and Invest Liverpool, attracting big personalities from Liverpool's digital, tech and creative hub. We were joined by three speakers, divulging their top tips for developing new business and protecting creative designs. 

Trevor Flannery was up first and shared some of his 25 years worth of expertise in developing new business, providing the audience with old school advice which makes a whole load of sense. Picking up the phone instead of 'tippy tapping' behind laptop screens is one sure fire way to develop new business, by actually speaking to a prospective client. As well as choosing two of the following- Good. Cheap. Fast. Good and cheap will not be fast, so putting value in your service and providing a good and fast delivery will enhance new business. 

Brian Whitehead, of Kempner and Partners- recently appointed as a district judge- explained the importance of intellectual property and copyright in the creative industry. Too many creatives miss out on profit due to contracts that don't provide watertight protection. If no contract is in place, the owner of the design is the creator. This is what the guys behind Innocent smoothies thought, however when the brand was bought over by Coca-Cola, due to the terms of the contract, they did not receive any monetary recognition for their design of the brand. IP is normally something that is pushed to the bottom of the to do list, however Brian showed us the importance of making it a priority. 

Our last speaker on the stage was Mike Henderson from Riskbox insurance. The five lessons we can learn from pitching about insurance reiterated the necessity for insuring your agency's creations. In pitching, many agencies give the game away to then see the client take on the idea themselves with some freelancers or in house teams. Insure your ideas and give them value in doing so. 

Knowledge absorbed by all in the room, with the info needed to develop excellent new business and protect the value of creative designs. A flying success all round.