Scrum-ptious Ad Copy Wins Pizza Fans - NMPi

Scrum-ptious Ad Copy Wins Pizza Fans

Project Clients: Papa John's



American pizza giant, Papa John’s is now the third largest pizza delivery chain in the UK, with over 250 take-away outlets. When the Rugby World Cup kicked into high gear, Papa John’s wanted to tap into the sport’s popularity to increase paid search ad engagement and click through rates.


In order to capture the Rugby fan base within the UK, NMPi created ad copy that would resonate with them by using clever word play.

The new ad copy ran in tandem with current paid search offers targeting UK users across Google and Bing. The campaigns began at 6pm on game day, two hours prior to kick off, and ran throughout the duration of the match. Our analysts focused keyword targeting on brand and non-brand keywords relating to the pizza industry. Anyone searching for these keywords would indicate a higher likelihood of purchase.


Within the first day alone, we saw the CTR increase by 6.3% compared to non-rugby focused  promotional ad-copy. We also saw conversion rate increase by 10%, and a 2.73% increase of new sessions based on Google Analytics data.