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Get your juices flowing: creative branding insights from Britvic

Quenching the thirst of creativity, Britvic value brilliant collaborative partnerships. How do they stay connected? What’s their secret ingredient? The answer is up in the "digital cloud" where Britvic can find and share high quality, up-to-date assets across the globe, using a cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) solution.

Providing a cocktail of benefits, the DAM platform has enabled Britvic to converge, interact and effectively collaborate with their agencies. By being able to securely create, find and share creative assets- thereby creating more efficiencies throughout the process.

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A Festive Campaign With All The Trimmings

A how-to-guide for marketers on better collaboration

The festive season for marketing starts long before your usual Christmas countdown. As marketers, we know that working with multiple creatives and agencies can make it tough to get marketing materials through and signed off with speed, especially when tied up in lengthy approval processes. With so much talent collaborating, it can be difficult to deliver consistent and timely results when there are so many people involved.

Age UK have come together with digital asset management (DAM) platform Bynder to reveal how to successfully produce a Christmas campaign quickly and efficiently to please the masses.

Join our webinar with Hazel Austin, brand marketing manager at AgeUK, and Mike Kingston, UK & Ireland sales exec at Bynder to discuss all the extra trimmings you can add to your campaign using DAM.

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Treat your data with the respect it deserves: Mazda on personalising customer experiences

What’s the point in collecting customer data if you aren’t going to use it properly? Automotive leaders, Mazda, show that using a platform to manage data can help actualise the customer experiences your audience have always wanted.

Through listening to their customers, they are creating bespoke journeys using relevant messaging and real-time connections. They are treating humans like humans and not like numbers. So why generalise when you can customise?

In this captivating webinar, we discuss:

  • How marketers can use Data Management Platforms (DMPs) to reduce media budget waste
  • Tips on delivering relevant outreach based on customer intent and value
  • How to increase conversions through personalisation of multiple touchpoints

Join The Drum, Relay42 and Robert Vonk, manager of online marketing and data at Mazda, to learn why he decided to start using a DMP and the true extent of how this has impacted the way Mazda reaches both existing customers and new prospects.

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How brands can engage with Generation Z

As consumers are bombarded with endless content, marketers have their work cut out in trying to capture their attention in innovative ways. Now with Generation Z, the generation born after millennials, the task has become trickier than ever.

Research shows that Gen Z process information much faster than older generations, are avid social media users, and by 2020 are set to account for 40% of all consumers. But a recent study from Attest also shows 75% of those in Gen Z have an ad blocker installed, are twice as likely to watch no live TV and trust bloggers more than brands.

So how can brands cut through the noise to truly connect with this audience? Listen to our webinar to get brand advertising guidelines for Gen Z and tips on how to engage the next generation.

Hosted by The Drum, in association with Attest, and featuring Marino Fresch, marketing director, UK & Ireland at Eventbrite, the webinar covers:

  • Gen Z media habits and how they differ to previous generations
  • What Gen Z think about iconic adverts that captured millennials’ attention
  • Whether long or short copy works best for Gen Z
  • What Gen Z expect from brands
  • Which brands are already winning the attention of Gen Z

Christmas Omnichannel Planning: 12 Tips To Enlighten This Festive Season

Christmas season presents huge opportunities for marketers to target omnichannel shoppers.

Nearly half of shoppers do not buy from the first website they visit, and nearly two-thirds of online purchases made on Christmas Day are carried out using a smartphone.

Brands need to fully understand shopper behaviours and should solidify their marketing plans for the festive season early to develop best practices to prepare for the chaotic times ahead.

Hosted by The Drum, in association with Criteo, speakers include Paul Dahill, Senior Director – Brand and Agency at Criteo and Nadya Birca, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at New Look. The webinar covers:

  • How to take advantage of mobile conversion opportunities
  • What marketers can do to reach the shopper, and not the device or channel
  • The role of the promotional calendar in helping to guide budgets
  • How to measure beyond the click

Criteo: The OmniChannel Opportunity

Creating a customer journey strategy has always been a challenge for brands but it has now become even more complicated to identify consumer buying signals with the emergence of new shopping behaviours such as ‘webrooming’ where consumers research online to buy offline and ‘showrooming’ when consumers browse in store to later go and buy the same item online.

The value of omnichannel is not only connecting online and offline purchases but also linking the entire shopper journey so the shopper receives a seamless experience regardless of device or location. In our upcoming webinar, we’re going to be revealing how brands can refine their omnichannel shopper strategies to take advantage of this new opportunity.

Hosted by The Drum, in association with Criteo, and featuring Nicole Kivel, sales director for brand solutions at Criteo, the webinar will reveal:

  • How brands should view retail locations as an advantage/li>
  • Why brands should focus on “shopper marketing” versus “channel marketing”
  • How to utilise online technologies that facilitate omnichannel development
  • What ecommerce strategies brands can enact now to enable future success

How can marketers become better project managers

In today’s fast-paced, deadline-driven workplace, it is critical that marketers have the skills to plan and execute projects on time.

However, most marketers have not even learnt the basics of project management, leading them to miss key deadlines and run over budgets.

So how can marketers overcome their project management hurdles? Join our panel of experts to learn the six essential skills needed to succeed in marketing project management.

Hosted by The Drum, in association with Workfront, and featuring Workfront’s Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Brent Bird, and Jada Balster, Marketing Director EMEA, the webinar covers:

  • Managing work requests, from setting workflows to leveraging templates
  • Planning projects and setting timelines and priorities
  • Directing the review and approval process to cut back on rounds of mistakes and edits
  • Collaborating skillfully with team members and handling work requests

Marketers in hyperdrive: The dawn of a new age

Recent research from Octopus Group found that B2B marketing directors were losing sleep over their jobs. Competitive changes and choice were driving delays in decision-making and putting them under increased pressure to meet marketing challenges with innovation and creativity. All of this and a whole marketing plan to deliver – on time and on budget.

Are marketers running at a hundred miles an hour and, as a result, too focused on box-ticking and just ‘getting things done’, rather than being mindful of having a real impact on the business? Is this the dawn of the Breathless Marketer?

This webinar covers:

  • The typical traits of a ‘breathless business’
  • How to spot the signs of being a breathless marketer
  • Creating an action plan for change based on your situation & organisation
  • The Smart, Strong and Slick levers – how they work and when to pull them!
  • How data and insight specialist, Callcredit, is helping marketers use data to drive performance in a world in hyperdrive

Hosted by The Drum, the webinar will feature Billy Hamilton-Stent, Client Strategy Director and Co-Founder of Octopus Group.

Experiments in storytelling

We love a good story. From nursery rhymes to a binge watch on Netflix, stories have the ability to engage us like nothing else. When done well, storytelling presents brands with an unprecedented opportunity to inspire and inform our audiences in innovative and exciting ways.

But audiences have unlimited choices – why do they engage with certain content and stories? Join our panel of experts, to gain insight from some of the world’s biggest brands, who will discuss their experiences of experimenting in storytelling.

Speakers include: Eb Adeyeri, EMEA Market Strategy Director, EMEA Spredfast; Leah Davis, Head of Marketing, Team GB, British Olympic Association; Jennifer Brett, AMER Insights Manager, LinkedIn; James Whatley, Planning Partner – innovation, Ogilvy & Mather

How To Use Data, Find Patterns and Improve Marketing Decisions

IBM Watson Analytics Sponsor a webinar provided by Selma Avdic on behalf of American Marketing Association. Selma walks you through a discussion between Stephen Archut IBM and Dr. Girish Punj professor of Marketing & Ackerman. Looking at Data, Patterns and decisions made within the marketing landscape.

It’s July - Let’s Talk About Christmas Campaign Planning – The Drum webinar in association with AdRoll

The sun may be shining this Summer but savvy marketers are leaving their competitors in the shade as they start planning their Christmas campaigns in July. There are a number of strategies you should adopt to win new business, maximise your ROI and stay front of mind with your customers and prospects.

Do you want to understand how to drive your business forward and capture the attention of early Christmas shoppers as well as last minute spenders? Join AdRoll, The Drum and leading retail expert Moonpig to find out what tactics and strategies can be used to prepare your business for digital-marketing domination this Christmas.

The webinar includes insight on::

  • Planning and delivering successful seasonal campaigns
  • Segmentation strategies and re-engagement tactics
  • Maximising historical data to drive sales this Christmas
  • Using dynamic creative to drive higher conversion rates
  • Expanding reach across web, social and mobile

The Drum & Tealium - How to create a personalised experience for your customers

Consumers today expect brands to deliver personalised experiences. So we surveyed brand marketers to find out how they are meeting this challenge.

The resulting report, The Pressure of Personalisation, available to download on, found that over 40% of marketers are now unifying their data across a range of channels, in order to drive personalisation.

In our upcoming webinar, we’re digging even deeper into how brands can create the personalised experiences their customers now demand. Hosted by The Drum, in association with Tealium, and featuring's Head of Analytics, EMEA Andreas Bahr, the webinar will examine:

  • How personalisation has changed marketing
  • What the impact of personalisation is on brands
  • What customers expect from brands
  • How to create an omni-channel personalised marketing strategy
  • The future of personalisation

The whitepaper is available at

Drum And Meltwater Webinar Foundations For Data - Centric Marketing KPIs, Tools, And Technique

Brands that aren’t building their marketing teams around data are missing the opportunity to earn an influential voice at C-suite level. Marketing today revolves around data. Which means your marketing team needs to be truly data-driven. The best way to gain respect from the C-suite is to ensure your marketing team is organised around the intelligent application of hard data. Digital marketers, PR specialists, social media and content marketing teams all need to be driven by data.

This webinar explains exactly how to make that happen. Hosted by The Drum’s Justin Pearse, it features Heidi Myers, Head of Marketing EMEA at Meltwater outlining exactly how to reach this goal.

Learn tip and techniques on how to:

  • Set the right KPIs
  • Select and use the right tools
  • How to generate the right reports